Family Portrait Trends. Predictions for 2017

Posted by Kim Rix on January 19, 2017

Following my blog about portrait photography trends in 2014, I would like to offer predictions about family portrait trends for 2017.

Your style of portrait will depend on you and your personality. Are you a traditional person who likes to be directed and posed? Or is your style more ‘natural’ and unposed? Perhaps you would like a contemporary portrait – a mix of directed but informal-style? I’m more for contemporary because I don’t like being asked to pose or smile for a portrait. As it happens, clients favour contemporary too.

Predictions for family portrait trends in 2017:

Amazing Tattoos
Moving from the past where it was largely seen as a bad-boy culture and largely associated with gangsters, drug dealers and street urchins, tattoos have now become a norm even among the most gentle of people. Pastors are embracing tatoos, it seems. People now value people taking pictures with their expensive tattoos clearly visible. This pose is now gaining momentum and I suspect that it might trend in 2017.

Black and White Pose
Though initially the only mode of taking pictures, black and white pictures lost value when it becomes possible to have pictures in colored format but it now seems to be winning it way back to the mind of photo-enthusiasts. It gives a happy family the simple portrait they can forever cherish.  Expect many families to ask for white and black portraits.

Family Portrait Trends 2017 | Kim Rix Photography

Black & White Family Portrait

The Dab Family
Dabing is now a trending portrait pose worldwide. Don’t be surprised to see whole family members dabing together in 2017. If they want to make it a classic pose, they would do so in front of their exotic four wheels and all dressed in same type of attires.

There Is Love in Hugging
Being the most closely related group in the world, don’t be surprised to see families hugging one another and taking family pictures with a group hug. Some might even include their pets to make it an all-inclusive one.

Posing With the Old Glory
It seems like the family portrait with the American flag in the background has been a trend from ancient times. Maybe up until now, that is. Given the current political climate I am uncertain how many American Expat families in London will be showcasing how proud they are of their heritage. I am including it in my predictions for family portrait trends because you just never know.

Innocence in White
Dressed in complete and neat white dresses, family portraits can be really amazing when the family look beautifully innocent in this angelic pose.

Family Portrait Trends 2017 | Kim Rix Photography

In conclusion, my predictions for family portrait trends in 2017, it seems like people are beginning to embrace portraits that look clean and simple. Finally, I believe that 2017 will be all about simplicity.

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful year ahead!

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