Frequently Asked Questions

what people ask
Would you bring accessories e.g. Knitted items to the shoot?

Yes, I have a small selection of props and accessories that I would be happy to bring to the shoot. If you have a specific request, please let me know and I will do my best to resource and accommodate your ideas.

What are your photography rates?

I’ll start by saying that my rates reflect my lengthy experience as a photographer, the passion and creativity I bring to every shoot, and the time and effort required to plan, photograph and edit.

Whilst it’s difficult to place a price on artistic endeavours, you can take a look at my pricing page for a general idea of where costs start for my range of family and corporate photography services.

Would the shoot take place at my home? Can you travel?

I understand that travelling to a location with a newborn isn’t the most ideal situation. Capturing newborn photography in your home is extremely personal and will ensure that you and your baby are comfortable, relaxed and in very familiar settings.

Do you take photos with parents as well?

I always try and involve the parents as much as possible, if they want. I personally feel that the portraits capturing bond between parent and child are just as precious as portraits the baby by itself.

How much input would I have regarding the tone of the shoot? For example, I am keen for natural shots.

The newborn photography shoot is tailored to your requirements. I am directed by your ideas and visions. I encourage you to bring your ideas. This will ensure that you receive the memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

How much does a session cost?

For any kind of baby photography (birth photography, cakesmash photography, christening photography etc.), the minimum charge is £450 for my time which includes the time I spend with you, and retouching. However, the newborn photography shoot is completely bespoke, and costings depend on what you are hoping to achieve.

How long does the session last?

I never set a time limit for newborn photography, but I would expect a shoot to last up to four hours. I will try to be quick and efficient, however, we have to allow time for feeds, sleeps and, many of those posed shots take a certain amount of time and patience.

How many prints are included in the newborn & baby package?

You will be able to select your favourite portrait and you will receive one 10″x8″ professional print to frame as you wish. You are welcome to order further prints. Prints start at £95. I also have a range of photography products for you to choose from, including albums, story books, framed portraits and canvases.

Can I buy digital files ?

Yes, you may purchase digital files if you are investing over £1500 on photography with Kim Rix. I am happy to give you a quote depending on how many you require, and what size you wish to print. For example, I can supply you with 10 digital files, fully-retouched ‘ready to print 10″x8″ ‘ portraits from £1,000.

Do you offer an online gallery?

I use an online gallery called Smugmug for viewing purposes only. I upload your portraits into a private gallery, and provide you with a personal password.

Do we give permission for use of the photos in your portfolio?

I love to showcase my photography on my web site and blog, so yes please, I will ask your permission first. For safety, I never use baby names or locations.

How far in advance should I book a session?

My diary tends to get booked up at least 6 weeks in advance. The more notice you can give me, the better. Simply call me on 020 8989 4886 and at the very least, we can pencil something in, and confirm later. If you need to reschedule, sobeit (with good reason, of course).

What age is newborn?

These sessions are such a beautiful memory to have forever. We normally do newborn sessions within the child’s first 4-10 days. But if your baby is older than 10 days, don’t worry…it’s not a hard and fast rule. We will still capture some beautiful portraits.

May I take pictures during the photo shoot with my phone?

We would prefer not, please. We are happy to provide you with low resolution digital images for your social media after the photoshoot, once the portraits have been retouched. This is a complimentary service we offer.

Are there any restrictions on the digital files after I purchase them?

Purchasing the digital files gives you reproduction rights to the images for personal use only. You may use the digital files to create your own prints, canvas, albums, and other personal keepsakes at your own expense. You are prohibited from altering, selling, publishing or disseminating those digital files for any purposes other than for personal use.

Do you do weekend shoots?

Yes, photography is my life… I work 7 days a week. I am more than happy to work on a Saturday or Sunday. No problem.

Can we do skin-on-skin photos with our baby?

Absolutely yes. It’s quite common for mum’s and dad’s to do skin-to-skin photographs with their new baby. That’s fine, just let us know and we will sort that out for you.

Can we use the portraits to do birth announcements?

We would be very happy to help you create personalised birth announcements and baby shower invitations with your baby photos. Please ask us.

Can we include siblings in the photoshoot?

Yes, it’s a lovely idea and great opportunity to include siblings in the portraits.

Must we have consultation with you before the photoshoot?

At the very least, we will have had a lengthy phone conversation before the photoshoot to discuss creative ideas. However, if you have time, I encourage you to come and have a chat in South Woodford. Consultations are a great opportunity for me to discover as much as about you as possible, and visa versa. I can show you examples of what I can do for you. Anyway, it really doesn’t matter whether it’s a newborn photoshoot or an engagement photoshoot – I am just as committed to making your memories precious.

I am due [insert date here] – how do you advise setting up a date for the shoot?

Now that I know your due date, I will put it in my diary. Simply call me on 020 8989 4886 when you feel ready for your photoshoot. I recommend Newborn photography to be taken within the first 12 days after birth.