Capturing that special bond


This premium photography service is all about Your Pet and You. I love working with both human and animal at the same time. It’s challenging and fun!

If you don’t yet have a special portrait of you with your pet, why not book your session today. Call me on 020 8989 4886. I work a lot with children and their pets, but adults are definitely welcome too.

Photography sessions generally take place in a location of your choice – either your home, your local park, or perhaps your stables!

I have worked with many exotic pets including ferrets, tortoises and snakes, but I have drawn the line at big hairy spiders, scorpions and skunks!

I will create a memorable, natural and timeless portrait of the two of you. We will work together to capture your pet’s natural charisma and temperament, giving you a selection of indoor, or outdoor (weather permitting) action shots that are natural and fun.

By the end of the session, you will have a beautiful pet and owner portrait that will take pride of place in your home. I offer a range of bespoke photographic keepsakes that will transform them into stunning and unique memories.


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